Hello.. Like you after updating to Dreamweaver 2015 and mindlessly forgot to un-checked that obscure button not to overwrite my old Dreamweaver installation, with horror I found out that my wonderful PVII plugins didn’t work. Here is a way for them to work and work flawlessly on the PC. We are working on the Mac Version so stay tune.

First thing to do a browse to this folder "C:\Users\???????????\AppData\Roaming\"

Now open the "Adobe" Folder. Very important.... find the "Dreamweaver CC 2014.1" this is where your previous version of Dreamweaver PVII folders were installed and luckily escaped being deleted, thank you Adobe.

Open the "en_US" then the "Configuration" folder, In that folder you would see the PVII folders as indicated in the below photo.

Now open up the "C:\Users\????????\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CC 2015\en_US" folder and copy the files indicated above and now your PV plugins would work. This was tested over a dozen times and works like a charm. This does not work with Dreamweaver 6

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